typeworship: Bike Badges Collecting these would be a great hobby…

28 May

Earlsdon: Apeldoorn, Netherlands. 1940s-50s? Brass, 54mm tall.

Flyer: Chicago, Illinois, USA. 1930s-40s? Brass, 69mm tall. Cycle Transport Co.

Perfection: St. Louis, Missouri, USA. 1940s-50s. Brass, 69mm tall. Perfection Cycle Co., 5455 Gravois Ave.

Swift Roadster: USA. 1900s-1910s?

Pontiac: Fort Smith, Arkansas, USA. 1930s? Brass, 70mm tall. Standard Cycle Company.

Valois: France, pre-WWII. Brass with cloisonne, 76mm tall.

Raleigh: Nottingham, England, UK. 1930s. Brass, 51mm tall. Iconic heron’s head.

Best Cycle: Asia? 1950s-60s? Brass, 57mm tall.

La Nordiste (The Northerner) France, pre 1930s-40s? Brass, 78mm tall.

Raleigh Carlton: Nottingham, England. 1960s. Aluminum, 58mm tall. I believe these were used on bikes made at the Carlton factory in the late 1960s through 1970; the 1972 catalog shows the more traditi


Bike Badges

Collecting these would be a great hobby for someone interested in both type and bikes.Self proclaimed ‘bike geek’ Jeffery Conner is certainly falls into both categories. 

A professor from Michigan, USA, Jeff’s been collecting bicycle head badges since 2000, starting with just three badges, his collection grew to over 800 in just 36 months. The slightly curved badges come from all over the world and Jeff has found almost every letter of the alphabet (he was just missing Q & X according to this article). 

“There are symbols of freedom and speed – with wings and birds abounding – and also a debt to heraldic animals (serpents, lions and eagles, in particular), with ideas of strength and precision also conveyed in the designs.”

Last year London design agency, Carter Wong, produced a book collecting some of their favourite badges as a self-initiated project.

Imaging one of these flying in front of your trusty wheels!

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